Flexing your body and mind with Bernadette Kirwan


Solas Complementary Therapies, Horsenden Farm, Horsenden Lane, Perivale UB6 7PQ

Saturday 24th November, 2018

10.30am – 12.30pm


‘‘Is it possible to have a different attitude… born out of curiosity, attention and sensitivity… in which body and mind, fused in one single action, collaborate together?’

Experimental yoga teacher Vanda Scaravelli asked this question. And she inspired creative yoga practice to help us become finely attuned to everything that is happening in our body.

In the first hour of this class we will explore the bends, curves and rotations of the spine that give you the movement potential that keeps your spine happy and your body healthy.

In the second hour of the class there will be a Singing Bowls Relaxation using beautiful Nepalese bowls. You can be transported by the gentle sounds and vibrations to a deep meditative awareness.