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Bernadette Kirwan, PhD

Some of my most profound learning and development has come from the study and practice of CranioSacral Therapy. This was a surprise to me because my prior learning was largely of a formal and academic nature, and a body-centred therapeutic practice was an entirely new avenue of exploration for me. But having found it, Upledger CranioSacral Therapy has seeped through all of my work and my relationship to others. It has given me an expansive understanding of ‘relationship’ in the concept of working with the body’s inner wisdom and of allowing the body to reveal its story.

My wish for you is that you find the confidence to explore what is holding you back at this moment in your life. Times of transition and change create uncertainty, and can leave you out of sorts and confused. In these moments when you are unsettled, you are unsure what to do next. Perhaps you feel you’ve tried everything and nothing’s worked. My therapy space allows you to be yourself. You can feel comfortable here and you can find a new awareness about yourself. It is my intention that you leave my room with a lift in your spirits and a desire to explore and to live with change.

CranioSacral Therapy has also given me the capacity to pay attention to what I am doing and to my interaction with others. I can be more responsive to what you need. My attuned listening skills can relate to your words and to the changes in your body tissues.

After gaining a PhD in English Literature, I trained to be an adult education teacher; and since then I have specialised in coaching adults with dyslexia and dyspraxia. In recent years I have trained in massage therapy, Upledger CranioSacral Therapy, Peter Hess® Sound Massage Therapy and as a yoga teacher. I see my development in all of these areas as a kaleidoscopic, integrating practice to help my clients.

The coaching that I do with dyslexic and dyspraxic adults is about facilitating people’s skills and personal development. It is a mind-heart practice. CranioSacral Therapy, Sound Massage and yoga begin with a focus on the body. I view them as firstly body-heart practices, and heart is at the centre of all mind and body practices, being the centre of all beings.

Paying attention to tension

The way that I can work with you can be tuned to your different needs at different times. Maybe you are at the end of a relationship and are feeling low. Perhaps you have had a change of job or are searching for a career change and need to polish up some skills. You might be in chronic pain from illness or injury. Maybe the work of caring for others has left you feeling lonely. Or perhaps you have important examinations looming and you are feeling anxious.

Attending to intention

Amidst all of this it is important to have a place/a person who can help you to discover inner calm; who can listen to you while you let off steam; who can focus your attention as you work through your stresses; who can allow you to cast aside your fears or guilt or despair; who can be or offer a place where you can feel at ease. This might be a chance for you to re-group and re-integrate those parts of yourself that were fragmented by the outside world or your own negative thoughts.

Working with the hidden treasures

The course of life will always bring us disappointments, failures, grief, boredom, challenges, risks and opportunities. There are hidden treasures in each of these experiences that will teach us how to adapt to change. It can be easier to be guided towards change and renewal. An approach to self-realisation that is kind to your body is the way that I can work with you. And you can renew your understanding of your own uniqueness.


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